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Stock Option Alerts gives you a powerful platform that will incorporate the benefits of today's technology in real time. We serve investors who are serious about making successful stock option trades month after month by utilizing state of the art software. Stock Option Alerts monitors stock options that trigger instant buys and sales straight to your device via SMS TEXT ALERTS.

Boasting a lifetime average winning history of better than 75% with an astounding 20+ year track record, we are the best option advisory service available.

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My History

When I was 15, I first started trading in commodities such as currency and oil. At 18, I understood derivatives and how these financial tools worked. I was also knowledgeable about how to limit risk, so I created a team of traders with a few others.

I personally trained them, and I taught them my strategies as well as what to look for when trading. These powerful techniques still work to this day, and my team and I are currently utilizing them for real estate investing.

How I Can Help

With my financial success, I understand how business and economics work. Aside from these skills, I know how real estate investing and the stock market go hand in hand. My knowledge in these fields has helped me grow my gains from both ends.

Through Stock Options Alerts, I aim to give individuals a comprehensive knowledge of stocks and how to trade. I provide affordable courses about stocks as well as monthly subscriptions and live streaming alerts.

My Goal

While I run my companies and fund full-time, I still plan on creating a school that focuses on teaching financial knowledge. My team and I are currently in the process of developing a learning facility with a physical location.

Some have called me wild for wanting to give people all across the world access to financial education for as cheap as $10. I am an advocate of education, which is why I do not like how high prices often scare people away from pursuing knowledge. It is also for this reason that I want to continue achieving this goal.

Show Your Support

Help me make history by spreading affordable financial knowledge to the world. You can back my cause simply by taking the course I offer and spreading the word about what you have learned from Stock Options Alerts.
I am also looking for a support staff made up of people who are motivated and team-oriented. Through my courses, I hope to find individuals who want to help me build something great.
With the help of this team, I will utilize social media platforms to create free stock market communities online and make market education accessible to all. This allows them to learn from experts instead of relying on bad trading foundations and pump-and-dump methods.

Get in Touch
With Me

No matter where you are in the world, I will make sure that you receive the financial education you deserve. I look forward to seeing you on the stream and hopefully, at a physical location in the future so I can teach you what I know on a regular basis.

Partner with me and let’s build a network together that will build a stream of income off your own referrals

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Start the day with stocks get alerts when the market moves when you're out and about learn while you earn.

Feel free to join, monitor and see results of real life trading examples that benefit my personal account instantly alerted via mobile text messages.

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I am the owner and the CEO of this platform. This is for entertainment purposes only, I am not a financial advisor please do not take financial advise from me or this website. Do not invest anything that you cannot afford to lose. Please do your own due diligence. This is what I do for fun only. Please email me at for questions